Real Estate Joke

Sidney’s Mom buys a new apartment She calls her son once she is moved in and is gushing about what a nice place she has and invites him to come see it. Of course he agrees so she starts giving him directions on how to get there. “Once you park, head straight through the courtyard and you’ll see a buzzer for the apartments. Use your right elbow to hit 3B and I’ll buzz you in. When you get inside walk over to the elevator and use your knee to push the UP button. Then use your left elbow to hit 3. I’m the apartment at the end of the hall. Kick the door two times and I’ll come open it for you.” The son is understandably confused by these detailed instructions. “But Mom, can’t I just use my hands for the buzzer and elevator and to knock on the door?” he asks. She pauses for a minute. Finally she says – “Oh, so you’re not bringing anything…”

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