My Property Resume

We build professional brochures featuring your property, team and company to use to Obtain Financing and to Present to Investors to Raise Funds. We are Lenders, Multifamily Owners, Underwriters and Graphic Artists that use our unique combination of skills to present your property in the most favorable light.


  1. Make a good first impression.

    Lenders are looking for borrowers who are organized, professional, and credible. A well-designed loan request package can help to create a positive first impression and make approval more likely.

  2. Communicate complex information clearly

    Loan request packages contain complex information, such as financial statements, appraisal data, and business plans. We are Multifamily lending professionals and communicate information in a clear and concise way to get a Lender’s attention.

  3. Highlight your strengths

    My Property Resume’s team highlights your strengths and qualifications, such as experience, education, financial resources and team (including My Property Resume). This can make you more attractive to Lenders and increase the chances of approval.

  4. Create a persuasive argument

    The goal of a loan request package is to persuade lenders to approve the loan. My Property Resume’s designers help to create a persuasive argument by using visuals, charts, graphs, and infographics, to illustrate the borrower’s and property’s strongest points.

Submit Your Property

    We collect data

    photos, floor plans, rent rolls, operating statements and other financial data to use in creating My Property Resume

    We customize

    My Property Resume to focus on delivery to – Lenders and Investors

    We provide

    update services, either as requested, or on a quarterly or annual basis to keep My Property Resume data fresh

    We own apartments and understand the needs of the apartment investor and what it takes to grow wealth.

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