Awet Sellers

Awet Sellers



Awet has worked in business administration and operational management for 20 years; she has a proven track record of aligning professional initiatives with business objectives.

She is proficient in working with senior leadership and departmental teams to ensure that the company’s support structure is positioned to help drive business forward. She sets up and maintains core business functions that include: finance, technology, human resources, branding, administration, and operational management.

Prior to working with Clarefield Partners, Awet worked in commercial real estate as an Operations Director. She has worked in the nonprofit, education, and private sectors as well as an independent consultant.

Awet holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Howard University and a Master of Science in Management with a Public Relations concentration from the University of Maryland.

When not serving clients, Awet is also interested in… 

  • building cultural connections through travel
  • practicing Spanish
  • indulging in experiences that broaden her horizon

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